Full stack insurance.

Launch rapidly.
Scale effortlessly.
Deliver anywhere.

We want to empower any company in the world to better protect their customers with smart, simple, contextual insurance.​

The singular platform for insurance innovation

Kanopi is the full-stack insurance platform for insurers, MGAs and brokers to rapidly launch and scale insurance products into new channels within a fraction of the time and cost.
Kanopi Insurance delivery platform diagram

Realise tomorrow’s strategy, today.​

Get more growth with lower total cost of ownership
Launch new products in weeks, not years
Access customers across any channel

Experiment and innovate at scale

Configure core product components with peace of mind, in Kanopi’s modular platform.

experiment innovate and scale

Your insurance, reimagined with Kanopi


Intuitive look and feel

An interface as simple to use as it is pleasing to the eye, AA accessibility certified and fully responsive.

  • Maintain a consistent, professional image to safeguard your brand.
  • Ensure easy navigation and interaction, providing a seamless experience for customers.
  • Lead with a best-in-class user interface to set the industry standard for customer experience.

Modular capability

Customize effortlessly with plug-and-play modules, adaptable to your evolving needs.

  • Create tailor-made solutions by mixing and matching modules for bespoke functionality.
  • Expand your capabilities as your business grows with a scalable architecture.
  • Implement changes quickly and efficiently without downtime for rapid deployment.
kanopi integrations

Data Integrations

Quickly transform large amounts of raw data from any format, complexity, or size into consumable, quality information.

  • Integrate diverse data sets to enhance risk profiling and ensure accurate risk assessment.
  • Leverage data effectively to achieve accurate policy pricing and precise policy valuation.
  • Streamline quoting, claims, and updates by simplifying lifecycle processes with integrated data solutions.

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