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Why we're here
Everything we do at Kanopi is driven by one clear mission: to build a better world of insurance for all. Because we believe, when done right, insurance can be a truly positive force for society. It removes the worry and uncertainty from our everyday decisions. Empowering businesses to thrive, and people to live, always feeling safe and secure.
Why it matters
The potential of the world depends on insurance. Progress demands risk, and risk demands protection. At Kanopi, we strive to make sure everyone can access the right protection, at the right time, always. Bringing an intelligent, data-driven approach that creates customisable insurance plans based on your needs. So you can feel free to pursue your dreams, knowing you’re covered no matter what.
Our values
  1. Be human

    We bring a human approach to every aspect of our work: our people, our customers, our interactions, our experiences. Being empathetic is engrained into our being.

  2. Care to be different

    We encourage and seek to be different. Embracing and using our differences as individuals pushes us to be at our very best every day.

  3. Absolute brilliance

    Great isn’t good enough; we demand excellence. Our goal is for people to shout from the rooftops about what we do.

  4. Simple

    Life can be complex and so can decision making. Everything we do is focussed on making the complex simple and the ambiguous transparent. Simple is better.

  5. Customer above everything else

    We don't just say it, we live and breathe it. We wake up every day thinking about how we can empower our customers to have confidence to pursue their dreams.

Our backing
We work with some of the world’s most trusted and respected insurers - and are always looking to build relationships with other world-class providers.
Join us

It’s more than a job. It’s a movement.

Build your career, and a better world of insurance while you’re at it, with Kanopi.

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