Data-driven property insurance software: protection for your customers from the unforeseen

Empower your customers with smarter, simpler embedded insurance property products for homeowners, tenants and landlords

Your customers often have a disjointed experience when buying homeowner, tenant or landlord insurance. As an insurer or proptech, you can change this story. Kanopi helps you provide smart, contextual property insurance when your customers need it most, helping you deliver seamless experiences on the apps and platforms your customers already know and love. Kanopi’s data-led p&c insurance software platform powers insurers and proptechs to offer tailored insurance solutions based on a better understanding of customer behaviour and risk.


Here’s how Kanopi can help insurers

Meet your customers’ changing needs in a dynamic way
With Kanopi’s low code, cloud-native platform, you can quickly build, launch, manage and scale new tailored digital insurance products, while easily integrating with distribution platforms. Engage ecosystem partners like proptechs as a new channel to bring these to market.


Smart and simple embedded insurance

Deliver greater customer value and provide a superior insurance experience by integrating embedded cover into your existing products and services.

Improved, innovative experiences

Easily integrate with new data sources and channels to improve experiences and underwriting, while reaching new customers.

Tailored, data-driven cover - fast

Easily and quickly co-create flexible, modular product offerings optimised for conversion and tailored to a specific market.

Smart and intuitive

The flexible frontend can be embedded and white-labelled to integrate into existing user flows and offer the most intuitive experience.

Embedded insurance property products

Cover for homeowners (owner occupiers)

Common insurance products for homeowners include:



Safeguard and protect their home against the unexpected with building insurance.



Comprehensive contents cover for their interior finishes and possessions.


Valuable items

Extend contents cover to include valuables and the things they love most.


Portable items

Cover for their important items, like phones, laptop or bikes, while away from the home.

Professional Indemnity

Legal liability

Protection for claims against them as a result of damage or injury.


Cover for tenants

Help tenants protect their possessions, valuables and the things they love most with comprehensive contents insurance.


Protecting the possessions they keep inside the home against loss, damage or theft.

Valuable items

Contents cover can be extended to include valuables and the things they love most.

Portable items

Cover for important items, like phones, laptops or bikes, while away from the home.


Tenants may need cover for legal liability, lost keys, temporary accommodation and more.

Cover for landlords

Help landlords protect their property, investment and income with various landlord insurance covers, including:


Protection against loss, theft or malicious damage caused by tenants or their visitors.


Protection against loss or damage to fixtures and fittings, including carpets, dishwasher and curtains.

Rent guarantee

Cover against loss of rent from tenancy breaches.

Landlord liability

When a problem at their property causes loss, damage, injury or death.

Legal expenses

In case of claims of personal injury or property damage.

Do your customers need commercial insurance?

Support your customers to trade with confidence by offering tailored, on-demand business insurance solutions.


Event cover for homeowners, tenants and landlords

  • Floods
  • Fires and smoke
  • Theft or burglary
  • Storms and cyclones
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunami damage
  • Leakages and escape of liquid
  • Accidental and malicious damage (vandalism).

Intelligent protection

The cover your customers want, when they want it

The way your customers buy, rent and use their homes has changed, so their insurance should too. Kanopi lets you give homeowners, landlords and tenants peace of mind when it comes to protecting the things that matter. You can now provide smart, contextual, data-driven insurance when your customers need it most.


Help when and how you need it

Inbuilt support for your customers

Kanopi is available for any technical platform troubleshooting you may need, while the Kanopi platform lets you provide your own customer support.


Hard data. Smart and simple insurance.

Let’s make it easy and convenient for your customers to find insurance that fits their needs.

Widen your distribution network thanks to easy integrations.

Enhance your value proposition and customer satisfaction with a seamless experience and tailored cover.

Increase your speed to market, iterating quickly and easily to deliver the best results.

An effortless experience for all your customers


A personalised quote in minutes.

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Flexible coverage to add, remove or change plans easily.

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Super fast claims to keep their world moving.

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Ready to offer a new world of insurance?

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