Introducing Co-pilot

Revolutionise customer service with Kanopi’s AI-powered chatbot

Discover how Co-pilot leverages the capabilities of Chat-GPT to provide real-time assistance to your policyholders. Trained on your policy documents, Co-pilot delivers accurate and personalised responses to customer inquiries.

  • Say goodbye to long wait times, respond with speed
  • Help customers make informed decisions by simplifying complex policy documents
  • Free up internal resources to focus on more complex issues
Customers reacting with delight to Kanopi's chatbot
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AI Customer Service

Powerful chatbot based on Chat GPT’s latest model, trained on your policy documents.

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Easy to implement

Seamlessly embed into your user interfaces with simple code snippets.

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Accurate and thorough

Give customers clear, conversational answers linked to sources for further reading.

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Transparent and reliable

Ensure a high standard of service with full auditability and access to complete chat history for every visitor.

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Deliver a consistent experience, re-theme the user interface to match your brand.

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Co-exists with your system

Build momentum by supplementing your existing live chat solutions, without a full revamp.

See Co-pilot in action

Why choose Co-pilot?

Reduce uncertainty

Be there for customers when they need it, whether it’s generating a quote, or giving them updates on claims or at the time of renewal. Be their go-to support system for their insurance needs.

Create compelling interactions

Great customer service is the hallmark of winning insurers. Whether it’s FAQs or niche questions, provide your customers with an engaging customer experience that makes them feel truly heard and understood.

Increase productivity

Reduce inbound support requests and free up support staff to concentrate on more complex problems. Reduce waiting times for other customers.

Experiment with speed

Beat the competition with DocBot AI. Explore the quickest way to test AI chatbots with customers and develop customised experiences based on data.

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Let Co-pilot transform the way your customers experience insurance

Empower customers to make the right choice for themselves 

Informed customers are confident customers. Co-pilot helps customers make informed decisions while purchasing policies by providing accurate, personalised information and access to source documents.

Customers reacting with delight to Kanopi's chatbot