Kanopi’s digital insurance platform helps insurers manage policies with ease - and speed

Use plug and play insurtech to deliver a seamless customer experience and increase retention rates

Your customers expect an intuitive experience when it comes to managing their insurance policy. Kanopi’s end-to-end plug and play platform supports you with services designed for the digital age. Policyholders can endorse, renew, cancel and claim via the out-the-box customer portal.

The platform also integrates with CRMs to facilitate seamless sales, customer service and policy management. Build a single view of the customer and access real-time data to improve ratios and retention.


Create experiences your customers will love with Kanopi’s policy management software

You want to support core policy lifecycle processes by:

Digitally enabling the availability of insurance cover.

Smart, simple, dynamic quoting means your customers receive tailored experiences.

Offering seamless, straight-through processing.

Kanopi’s instant quote and bind flows are optimised for conversion. All operations such as endorsements and auto renewals are easy and lightning fast.

Customising standardised core products.

Dynamically add endorsements and clauses to reduce referrals and product overlap, and improve risk selection.

Providing security and peace of mind.

Use inbuilt document templating to reliably generate and store legal contracts. Accept payments and manage billing securely.

You want your customers to feel in control:

With convenient FNOL and full transparency of the process.
Give your customers a transparent digital claims experience with full visibility of claims submitted and their status on the customer portal.

With the freedom to self-manage their policy.
Customers can endorse, renew, cancel and claim on policies via the customer portal, reducing staff intervention and delivering seamless self-service.

With support when they need it.
An admin portal with custom CRM integrations offers built-in messaging and customer service.


You want to deliver a data-driven experience:

And offer relevant product matching and cover to present offers
Use data insights from across the Kanopi platform to create products and cover for customers.


Kanopi can support you in your specialist insurance area


Empower your customers with smarter, simpler embedded insurance property products for homeowners, tenants and landlords.


Support your business customers to trade with confidence by offering tailored, on-demand business insurance solutions.

Kanopi’s secure and reliable platform provides insurers with end to end support

Talk to Kanopi about a low code end-to-end software solution that lets you insure faster with insight and scale securely for the future