Kanopi’s secure cloud based insurance platform allows for limitless flex and scalability

Scale your product securely, to grow your customer base and attract revenue growth, while remaining compliant

Kanopi’s cloud-native, API-based modular insurance platform supports you end-to-end. As an insurer, the policy administration system gives you the real-time reporting capabilities you need to manage operations at scale. Safeguard your brand reputation and mitigate risk as you grow with Kanopi’s robust security and rigorous testing.


Build at speed, deliver on time then scale with ease

You want to report on performance:

In real time.

Kanopi’s real time reports on product metrics help you understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of product progress and performance so you can act on findings instantly.


You want to maintain security and compliance:


To minimise regulatory and financial risk.

Kanopi is an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, for the peace of mind of your internal risk and compliance teams.


With robust data security and extensive testing.

Kanopi is CyberGRX approved, so you can be confident that your customers’ data is secure. The Kanopi platform is extensively tested for security and reliability and is fully compliant with data security regulations.

Professional Indemnity

With full auditability.

All key actions are logged (including external API calls to integrated systems), so any issues can be easily traced and audited.

You want to scale your existing and new propositions:

Kanopi facilitates a customer-centric approach, supporting you to service both local and international markets with localised languages and currencies as you expand.

On secure cloud-based architecture.
Hosted on industry-leading AWS infrastructure, the Kanopi cloud platform has limitless scalability and the flexibility of endless integrations.


Kanopi can support you in your specialist insurance area


Empower your customers with smarter, simpler embedded insurance property products for homeowners, tenants and landlords.


Support your business customers to trade with confidence by offering tailored, on-demand business insurance solutions.

Kanopi’s secure and reliable platform provides insurers with end to end support

Talk to Kanopi about a low code end-to-end software solution that lets you insure faster with insight and scale securely for the future