Use Case: Fintech

Tailor-made insurance policies and seamless delivery for fintech platforms


Insurance for financial services platforms that adapts to your customer

Build brand loyalty and grow your revenue streams by offering customers the cover they need, when and where they need it.

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Connect customers with the tailored protection they need, through a seamless experience.

Grow your revenue streams to boost your bottom line, while enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Data-driven products

Kanopi uses real-time data from multiple sources to deliver custom cover.

Simple and instant

No forms or delays, just smart insurance right where and when it’s needed.

Smart pricing

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering adequate, data-driven policies.


Simple embedded insurance, in the right place at the right time

The Kanopi platform embeds insurance into existing fintech software journeys, using data to deliver the right product at the right time. Work with a leading underwriter to offer insurance that suits your customers’ needs.


Customers request a quote through their bank or payment finance platform


Kanopi uses their data to offer a tailored policy from a leading insurance partner. Kanopi co-creates these policies with you as the fintech and an underwriter.


Why Kanopi works for fintech, neobanks and more

Your customers already know and love your platform. It just makes sense to deliver an embedded insurance solution that speaks to their needs.


Build brand loyalty

Kanopi helps you to deliver incredible experiences that drive customer satisfaction and retention, while boosting your bottom line.


Scale your business

Kanopi can support you to build a strong financial future, by quickly and easily creating new recurring revenue streams.


Create new products

Co-create products that suit your customers’ needs, in collaboration with Kanopi and leading insurance partners.

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seamless integration

Plug and go

Integrate Kanopi into your platform in three ways:

Open API — Build your own embedded insurance experience by plugging into Kanopi’s APIs.

SDK — Kanopi gives you the tools you need to set it up yourself.

Embedded — The rethemable Kanopi UI can be themed to match your brand and journeys for a seamless customer experience.


Plug and go

Tailor-made policies, from industry-leading insurers

Kanopi partners with leading insurers to create protection plans that suit what your customers do. It’s smart, simple, intuitive cover that’s great for your bottom line.


‘The team at Kanopi were very easy to work with. They are backed by reputable insurers and offer businesses the speed and simplicity of choice normally only seen in the personal insurance domain.’

Mark Ballinger, Director, Payapps


Ready to offer a new world of insurance?