Experiment and innovate with Kanopi’s flexible, data-led insurance software platform


Build, manage, distribute and scale new and existing products quickly and easily to meet customers' changing needs

In a fast moving market with high consumer expectations and rapidly changing needs, it’s essential to be able to create and deliver compelling products that suit your customers. It can feel like a challenge to provide the convenience and flexibility they customers need – and you want.

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Kanopi’s technology platform powers you and your distribution partners to deliver innovative products to new channels.


Access meaningful data through the Kanopi platform via easy API integrations. Put that data to use for superior risk management, intuitive product creation and a seamless customer experience.

Secure, scalable and global

Tap into an open, secure and infinitely scalable system with Kanopi, a cloudnative platform built on AWS infrastructure.

Fast, flexible and adaptable

As your technology partner, Kanopi’s modular platform architecture gives you boundless opportunities.

As an insurer you may be

Restricted by legacy technology

Legacy technology can increase the total cost of ownership because of maintenance and updates. It also hampers innovation, slows down product development and inhibits your ability to partner with motivated distributors. If you could leverage new data sources, you could improve product selection, pricing and risk profiling.

Losing market share

Your competitors are moving faster, developing new products or partnering with digitally native businesses to widen their distribution network and offer contextual insurance. It’s time to regain your market share and capture more.

Driving innovation on a budget

While you may have limited funds to play with, there is an opportunity to stand out from the competition and offer customers added value, not just insurance cover.

Here’s how Kanopi can help


Data-driven products and experiences

Kanopi gives you access to previously inaccessible data via easy API integrations with first and third party data sources. Use this data to build tailored products based on accurate risk underwriting and deliver these via intuitive customer experiences. Tailored pre-fill questions make quoting seamless and fast. Real-time data helps deliver dynamic, evolving policies based on a customer’s data changing.

Speed to market

Flexible product and cover combinations let you tailor policies without the need to build separate products for niche segments. With multi-variant testing, you can tweak existing product versions to track and compare product performance, quickly testing, learning and iterating.

Advanced analytics for easy experimentation

Deep dive into customer behaviour and product performance with Kanopi’s built-in analytics. Quickly update product versions in response to analytics insights to improve conversion and performance. Experimentation tools facilitate AB testing of different product versions.

Compliant technology and scalable solutions

Kanopi is a secure, reliable, scalable cloud-native platform built on AWS. Access multi-language/currency support as you expand internationally. Real-time reporting and exports ensure easy portfolio management and reconciliation.

Multi-channel distribution and embedded experiences

Create hyper-tailored experiences for your customers, based on data. Kanopi has the ability to support embedded experiences or direct to consumer sites. Easily embed Kanopi’s mobile-first, rethemable user interface into existing journeys, or leverage open APIs to build direct sites.

Why partner with Kanopi?

Use data

to create and iterate flexible, tailored product offerings and versions.

Get an end-to-end experience from creation through to policy administration

Build, distribute, manage and scale with speed and conversion

Reduce your total cost of ownership

without the need to invest, update and maintain costly proprietary systems.

Provide an outstanding customer experience

using an intuitive questions engine that optimises for conversions and speeds up the quote and claim process.

Build a single customer view

by pulling data from multiple sources into a Risk Profile and using it throughout policy lifecycle operations. This flexible Risk Profile can support different data schemas, and is easily configured to support different types of products.

A flexible end-to-end insurance solution

Kanopi can deliver all the components required to build, distribute, manage and scale end to end. Kanopi can also assist your internal teams where needed. Kanopi’s modular platform supports all key policy lifecycle processes from price, quote, bind, document and pay, to endorse, renew, cancel and claim.


Exceptional customer experience

Kanopi powers intuitive insurance experiences that increase conversion rates and drive customer satisfaction. Out-of-the-box quote flows and a mobile-first customer portal deliver a great experience when embedded and across devices. Kanopi enables insurers to deliver excellent customer service, with live chat integrations as standard.


Find out more about Kanopi’s on-demand white-labelled business cover or embedded insurance property products for your specialist markets

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