Use Case: Proptech

Embedded insurance for property tech companies


Smart, simple protection for owners, tenants and landlords

Kanopi’s distribution platform gives you the ability to offer your customers data-driven insurance policies for peace of mind. Create an insurance service for your customers that is designed for their ever-changing property protection needs.

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Intuitive insurance for proptech software

With embedded protection, you can offer your customers the protection they need, with the right product at the right time. Grow your revenue streams to boost your bottom line, while enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Convenient cover

Smart, tailored quotes delivered when your customers need them most, using multiple data sources.

Simple language

Kanopi co-creates policies that are easy to understand, saving you and your customers time and headaches.

Flexible policies

With customisable cover, your customers can tailor their policies to their needs. Smart underwriting, based on an individual’s data, means they get a more tailored price. Your customers can update, pause or cancel their cover anytime thanks to flexible policy terms.

How Kanopi Works

Smart insurance integrated into your existing proptech platform customer journeys

Kanopi’s intelligent platform uses data to seamlessly deliver the right policy in the right context. Insurance from leading providers is embedded into your product via one simple, flexible integration.


Customers request a quote through their proptech platform


Kanopi uses their data, along with that from partner and third-party platforms, to offer a tailored policy from a leading insurance partner.

Kanopi co-creates these policies with you as the proptech and an underwriter.


Why Kanopi works for property platforms

The way people buy, sell, and rent property is constantly evolving, along with the kinds of risks to consider. Landlords, tenants and homeowners need insurance that suits their unique situation.


Invest in risk protection

Help your customers protect what matters most to them, with adequate property cover from selected leading insurers.


Grow with your customers

Kanopi’s scalable platform is optimised for conversion and continually improved using behavioural data, powering your revenue growth and increasing customer retention.


Regulatory expertise

Let the Kanopi team take care of licensing and security, so you can focus on your core business.

Find out more about Kanopi’s embedded insurance for proptechs

Find out more about providing embedded insurance property products for your specialist markets with Kanopi

seamless integration

Plug and go

Integrate Kanopi into your platform in three ways:

Open API — Build your own embedded insurance experience by plugging into Kanopi’s APIs.

SDK — Kanopi gives you the tools you need to set it up yourself.

Embedded — The rethemable Kanopi UI can be themed to match your brand and journeys for a seamless customer experience.

Embedded protection

Flexible cover options, for a tailored insurance experience

Kanopi partners with leading insurers to create protection plans that are suited for what your customers need. It’s smart, simple, intuitive and convenient cover.

Ready to offer a new world of insurance?

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